Bull Terrier Leash Training

Keeping your Bull Terrier on a leash is a great way to keep them safe when out and about.  The following tips and advise on Bull Terrier leash training will help you get started.

Bull Terrier Leash Training TipsBull Terrier Leash Training

  • The sooner you start Bull Terrier leash training the better.  Therefore, start leash training your Bull Terrier the moment you bring them home.
  • To begin with, use a leash that is around one to two meters in length.
  • Patience is key when Bull Terrier leash training.  It will take time for your Bull Terrier to become an expert on the leash so be patient and try not to get too frustrated.
  • It’s vital that you do not get angry and use physical punishment towards your Bull Terrier if they do something incorrectly during the leash training process.  Doing this will only make your Bull Terrier upset and even anxious.  Therefore be assertive, but always remain calm.
  • When beginning Bull Terrier leash training, you should start in a quite area with few distractions.  This will help your Bull Terrier concentrate.  A great place to choose would be your yard or a local park that isn’t too busy.
  • If your Bull Terrier is full of energy then try to tire them out before starting leash training – as your Bull Terrier will be much easier to leash train once they’ve calmed down.   A great way to do this would be by playing some games with your Bull Terrier in your yard.

How to leash train your Bull Terrier

The following steps will help you with your Bull Terrier leash training.

  • Step 1: Firstly, put a leash and collar on your Bull Terrier while they are eating their food.  By doing this you are associating something your Bull Terrier likes doing (eating) with wearing the collar and leash.  After a couple of days, once your Bull Terrier has finished eating, pick up the leash and follow them around your home for a little while.  Gradually increase the amount of time you do this until your Bull Terrier is used to you walking them with the leash.
  • Step 2: The next step is taking your Bull Terrier outdoors.  A great, safe place to start would be your yard.  Let your Bull Terrier walk around your yard dragging the leash while you walk behind them.  Once some time has past, pick up the leash in one hand and in the other hand hold a yummy doggy treat.  Use this yummy treat to encourage your Bull Terrier to walk next to you.
  • Step 3:  You may find that your Bull Terrier will now start to tug on the leash.  If this happens, turn around in a clockwise movement and continue walking.  This will turn your Bull Terriers head so they have to keep walking with you.  Repeat this until your Bull Terrier walks alongside you without tugging.  And remember – give your Bull Terrier treats for good leash walking.

Remember, Bull Terrier leash training will take time.  However, if you are patient and put in your time and effort, you will end up with a Bull Terrier who is excellent on the leash!  So what are you waiting for?  Start Bull Terrier leash training today!

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