Bull Terrier Obedience Training

Is it time to start Bull Terrier obedience training at your house?  Well then you may find the below Bull Terrier obedience training advice and tips rather useful!

Benefits of Bull Terrier Obedience TrainingBull Terrier Obedience Training

Bull Terrier obedience training has many benefits.  Just some of these benefits are as follows:

  • Your Bull Terrier will be happy and content as they will know their place and role in the pack (your family).
  • Training your Bull Terrier is a great way to bond with your beloved dog.
  • Your Bull Terrier will be more likely to listen to you including coming when called.  This is greatly beneficial as it means your Bull Terrier will be a lot safer when out and about as instead of running around aimlessly, they will come to you on command.

Bull Terrier Obedience Training Tips

The below tips will help you greatly when obedience training your Bull Terrier:

  • Leadership: One of the most important aspects of Bull Terrier obedience training is becoming their alpha leader.  If you do not show yourself as this alpha leader then your Bull Terrier may try to take over the role themselves.  If this happens then your Bull Terrier may become disobedient and hard to manage.  There are a number of ways you can establish your alpha leadership position.  One is always walking through doorways before your Bull Terrier.  Secondly make sure you always feed your Bull Terrier only after you and your family have eaten
  • Patience: It will take time for your Bull Terrier to become fully trained, sopatience is a must.  Remember, your time and effort will be worth it when you have a well-trained Bull Terrier on your hands.
  • Rewards: Rewards are a great encouragement tool to use when Bull Terrier obedience training.  So use rewards whenever your Bull Terrier does something correctly.  Rewards can be anything from praise to a little treat.
  • No Distractions: Your Bull Terrier will not be able to concentrate properly if there are lots of distractions around.  Therefore remove any possible distractions such toys, other people or animals before you begin.
  • Repetition: As previously mentioned, your Bull Terrier will not pick up everything straight away and you will have to repeat things numerous times.  So remember – repeat, repeat, repeat!
  • Short Sessions: Shorter training sessions are much more beneficial than longer training sessions.  If your sessions are too long, then your Bull Terrier may lose concentration.  Therefore try to only stick to training sessions that are maximum of fifteen minutes in length.  However, you can have a few of these smaller sessions throughout the day.
  • Consistency: Consistency is vital when Bull Terrier obedience training.  If you are inconsistent then your Bull Terrier will just get confused and it will draw out the training process.  Consistency applies to both your rules and commands.  For example if you choose a rule that your Bull Terrier is not allowed in a certain room then stick to this.  Do not let them into this room even for a special treat.  In regards to the commands, if you choose “sit” stick to this.  Do not change it to “sit down” further into your training.  This inconsistency will just make the obedience training process a lot harder.

If you wish to have an obedient Bull Terrier in your household, then obedience training is a must.  So don’t delay – start Bull Terrier obedience training today!

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